Why here?

I am an opinionated person. I am not always right, but I have a formed theory on nearly every subject. I try to think logically, but understand that in many cases, emotion and intuition will trump objective thinking and cold rationale.

Using my facebook account, I began to write several small pieces, mainly concerned with my generation (which I loathe) and my take on current world events. My friends encouraged my ramblings, and I eventually resolved to find another place to air my thoughts, disjointed and biased as they may be. I owe it to my brother for finding and securing this small web page for such a purpose.

Readers be warned, I am a nationalist, a supporter of the military industrial complex, a right of center military member, and proud of my heritage as a Canadian. I support the views and values that were instilled in our culture by our founding fathers…even if they were a load of drunks and profiteers. I am not a racist, I welcome all cultures and religions – as long as they do not exist at the expense of the host culture.

The name ‘The Mercurist’ has special meaning to me – the Greek god Mercury is the mascot of my corp in the military, and sits on the cap badge of our beret.

I strongly welcome any feedback, even the hateful kind, although constructive criticism is most appreciated.

And for God’s sake, please don’t tell me that Canadian soldiers shouldn’t be in Iraq.

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