The way things are…

Seriously…for better or worse, this country needs a strong leader. He might not be who you voted for, but please don’t make the Hon. Prime Minister – your leader – out to be some crook or evil scheming politician with plans to turn you into a mindless zombie, and drive Canada into the ground. In a worldwide recession, Canada is the strongest economy among the G8, and is STILL growing at small pa…ce. Yeah, he is not saint – no politician is. But right now – he is what Canada needs. Tighten your belt, we will all have to make it through this – these are not rosy times, but they don’t begin to compare to the world wars or the depression. So please, less whining and ‘Occupying.’ More hard work and determination, solidarity in a positive manner.
And for all that is holy, don’t compare yourself to the protesters of the Arab Spring or Tiananman square…they put their lives on the line. They KILLED for a chance for democracy, and we can’t even turn out to vote? Ha, the worst persecution you face is people driving by and laughing.
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