On the Verge

Young people are presented with no small amount of platitudes and cliched advice as they begin their journey into adulthood. From an early age, students are promised the world by their teachers and parents.

‘You can do anything you want,’ the parents say, ruffling Johnnies hair fondly. ‘The world is your oyster.’

‘Follow your heart,’ the hippy guidance counselor says absently, ‘you will figure out what you want to do.’

As heartwarming as these statements are, they may do little to represent the reality of the uncaring world that these students are about to enter. All too often idealistic teenagers or newcomers to the ‘real’ world are chewed up and spit out by the system. They find themselves slammed with financial issues, unexpected pregnancies and abusive relationships. There is no preperation that is adequate for a young persons first foray into the world. Damage will be done, and although much of it will be healed, the scars will leave themselves etched in the young man or womans personality.

As such, many young adults find themselves jaded and unresponsive to the concept of following their dream or chasing after a particular goal. They choose to settle, and many of them do so comfortably. They have a wife and children, a nice small house and two cars. They consider themselves successful and soon forget the dreams they had in their hot blooded days.

The moment that counts the most is that one deciding choice.

It is the crossroads, between safety, security and normalcy, and the promise of wealth, adventure and dreams.

One may be presented the options more then once, but if refused continuously the chance will fade, and life will have already passed by.

Ultimately, dreams are inspiring and beautiful, the singular aspect of man that holds us above the rest of the animal kingdom.

But they will not pay the rent, fuel the car or feed the mouths of children.

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One Response to On the Verge

  1. Michele says:

    True. Sometimes we let the dreams fall. Remember the line in Peter Pan,
    “Father? … But he’s made many sacrifices for his family… and put away many dreams. …”

    The greatest thing anyone can do is to lay down one’s life for another. So said Jesus.

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