Very clever wordpress, have a little prompt for me to tell people ‘about myself.’

Cute and cliched, as though any person could be summed up with a collection of words.

That said, here goes.

I am a 24 year old Canadian. I consider myself well read and attempt to remain informed of the recent events that shape the world around us. I do not subscribe to the policy of isolationism, and feel strongly that foreign policy and international relations will continue to define every country on the globe. I am right of center politically, and despise the hipster, neo-liberal wave that seems to be sweeping my generation. I believe in hard work and perseverance – the principles that made this country so great. No one deserves a free ride!

Being a member of the military defines my life at the current moment. Note the emphasis on my LIFE, not my SELF. The military can come and go, but as long as I draw breath, I will be what I am…whatever that is.

I believe in knowing yourself. Self awareness will defeat many of your inner demons. Try it.

My religious beliefs are strange and perhaps slightly fluid. Consider it a work in progress. I value any religion however, that encourages personal and inter-personal growth, with emphasis on freedom for all to practice as they please.

As a young person, there is much to learn. All that we need is open eyes and an open mind, and the courage to accept the things that we observe.

I like talking, or writing. Contact me at



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